Audit Reporting and Security for Db2

imageDBARS™ - is a powerful Db2 Database Access Monitoring and Reporting Solution That Audits All Db2 Accesses Real Time.
In today’s distributed environments, protecting sensitive corporate data is of vital importance. While mainframe security software and Db2 privileges protect against unauthorized access to Db2 tables, they do little to comprehensively report all accesses to Db2 tables and what was done within those tables.
DBARS™ solves this problem! Its real-time database access reporting technology has powerful intercept based audit, alert, and blocking capabilities. All without the overhead of audit tracing or log processing usually required. Thus, shops now have a powerful, timely, and truly efficient way to audit and secure data.

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      DBARS Database Access Monitoring - runs standalone or with Correlog dbDefender and SIEM tools

Cloning Tools, Enterprise-Wide Test Data Management, PII Data Masking, Fast Table Refresh & Environment Provisioning

imageBCV5™ - Fast Database, Tablespace Refresh and Clone, with in-flight option for non-stop environments.  Inflight Masking / Anonymizing capability.  Unmatched speed and automation for mainframe environments..
Fast refresh and/or cloning  of Db2 for z/OS databases, tablespaces, or tables is what BCV5 does better than others. Smart analysis and handling of structure, DDL, OBID, etc ease the copy/migrate task. Compared to vendor Db2 utilities, BCV5 is the choice when speed and minimal disruption are of key importance. Save an average of 90 percent in CPU and wall clock time for your Db2 copy or migrate jobs when compared to various Unload/Load tools. Further options for simple Data Anonymization / Data Masking / Data Subset are available.

BCV5 Masking Tool Db2 Enhanced Data Masking of PII and Sensitive Data
The BCV5 Masking Tool option let you implement your masking strategy in a consistent, reliable and secure manner. It delivers dozens of masking algorithms in the form of Db2 user defined functions that are ready to use right out of the box. These functions can generate artificial, but seemingly real data, such as names, addresses, credit card numbers, social security numbers, and more that you can use or extend. Data Masking can be done in-place or as part of the copy/refresh process. The BCV5 Masking Tool also comes with several pre-defined lookup tables that contain thousands of names and millions of addresses in different languages. For more information see the BCV5 Masking Tool brochure.

BCV4 Db2 Cloning ToolBCV4™ - Fast Db2 Cloning Tool - IMS Cloning too
Full Subsystem Cloning for Db2 z/OS® , IMS® , SAP
® and PeopleSoft® . Enjoy immediate access to copied or cloned subsystems, Db2 startup after 15 minutes. SAP, Peoplesoft, and DB2 clones (or homogeneous system copy) available within minutes! Vendor independent so it works with HDS® , IBM® , EMC® volumes. Increase data availability for cloned and test systems with BCV4. If you have application testing, QA, shadow/warehouse systems, or have z/OS® and Db2 version upgrade testing, you need BCV4. The most complete fast Db2 cloning solution on the market.


TDM, Data Masking, Subset and Test Provisioning for
Distributed Systems and DevOps Environments

imageXDM™ - Full Function Tool for Test Data Management with powerful data masking, modification, selection / subsetting etc.
Improve application and data availability for your database applications. XDM (Cross Data Mover) adds to our BCVn line of products the ability for distributed systems to rapidly copy, move, mask, subset, clone, refresh data within and between popular DBMS systems such as Db2 LUW, Oracle®, SQL Server®, PostgreSql, etc with mainframe connectors for DB2, IMS, VSAM®, etc. Automation and an intuitive GUI delivers speed and ease of use for staff.


Log Analysis, Repair, Propagate

imageULT4DB2™ Log Analysis, Repair, Audit Reporting, Data Propagation
A powerful log analyzer tool that simplifies how you can view and extract changes to Db2 tables. ULT can propagate data, undo faulty changes made to  tables, as well as populate an auditing reports with a detailed list of previously made changes.  It is like three products in one.


Performance Solutions for Db2

imageBPA4DB2™ - a powerful Buffer Pool Tuning & Analysis Tool with Proactive Alerting to Help Manage Db2 Performance & Costs.
Easily identifies BP performance issues on an ongoing basis. It finds the best candidates for tuning and can even generate proposals to improve the setup of buffer pools when needed. Intelligent automation and expert system technology leads to increased system performance, response and resource cost savings.
Today's machines have more memory, but proper BP optimization and allocation is required. This is where our technology and metrics shine. BPA4DB2 the must have bufferpool tool for better Db2 performance and lower Db2 CPU usage - ergo, lower operating and MLC software license costs.

imageSQLQC™ - Analyze and Improve SQL Quality and Performance
SQL quality tool that is designed to detect the few statements within the thousands that create the performance problems. It reports on Top CPU Burners, Statements with highest elapsed time, top consuming users, Top I/O contention, Actual vs Optimizer, and much more. The tool digs deep and analyzes the root causes of the problems and it shows ways to resolve them.

Performance and APM for CICS

imageICPU™- fka Inspect CPU for CICS®
ICPU is the CICS Application Performance / APM product that ANYONE can use. It helps programmers and performance analysts easily find programs and code causing expensive spikes in CPU usage. It is an efficient, low overhead tool designed to be used by the people who know their CICS applications best, Applications Programmers. ICPU has capabilities beyond a monitor CICS or analyzer and can run on production or test systems to provide invaluable insight into the CPU consumption to improve application efficiency and performance. Some shops use ICPU as part of their QA and promotion process to ensure delivery of efficient programs by local and offshore programming staff.
The TCB switching and other information provided by ICPU helps identify best candidates or 'low hanging fruit' to obtain threadsafe benefits. Supports all current CICS versions and has source support for COBOL and Adabas Natural®.
Improve performance and lower software cost wih ICPU.
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Performance and SMF Capacity Planning for z/OS Systems

Reduce z/OS MLC CostsCapacity Planning and MLC License Savings
Powerful capacity planning and performance services/solutions for z/OS, Unix, and Windows.  Managing capacity and performance is a complex task.  We help you ensure your Service Level Agreements with better control and reporting for optimizing software costs on z/OS platforms. .


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