image XDM™ is the full function automated Test Data Management solution supporting Linux / Unix / Windows / Mainframe / Cloud for Enterprise-Wide Test Data Management.

XDM™ is a full function tool for Test Data Management with powerful copy/refresh, data masking, modification, selection, subsetting and more. XDM (Cross Data Mover) adds to our BCV4/BCV5 line of products the ability for distributed systems to rapidly copy, move, mask, subset, refresh data within and between popular DBMS systems such as Db2 LUW, Oracle®, SQL Server®, PostgreSQL, with mainframe connectors for DB2, IMS, VSAM®, etc. Automation and an intuitive GUI delivers speed and ease of use for staff.

Compared to other TDM or test data provisioning solutions, XDM provides data movement within and across multiple database architectures with ease. A common user interface that provides ease of use across all platforms.

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Is your focus Db2 on mainframe z/OS? See the products BCV4 and BCV5 for fast data provisioning and cloning. Link: BCV5, BCV4 TDM and Cloning Solutions

Product Details
XDM is designed to move data on the Db2, Oracle, PostgreSQL, MSSQL platforms. It also has connectors to mainframe Db2, VSAM, IMS, A key feature of XDM is automation. It intelligently handles all the challenges typically associated with test data provisioning for you, such as managing structural differences, masking sensitive personal information, and choosing the fastest possible copy method. It frees up your staff from tedious copy tasks and makes your copy processes more dependable. With XDM, you can copy data in three ways: clone data at database level, copy mass data at table level, or select and copy specific data at row level. It is also possible to protect sensitive data during the copy process by using one of XDM‘s pre-defined masking methods or by using your own masking algorithms. Another key feature of XDM is its “IceBox” componenent that allows you to freeze, or backup, data and structures, and later restore them into any target environment on demand. XDM comes with a user friendly graphical interface that makes it very easy to set up and run copy processes. Of course, you can also use any scheduler to trigger copies periodically. With XDM, you can quickly and reliably supply developers and testers with the test data they need.

XDM Test Data Management Solution

Database Cloning
XDM-DC stands for database cloning. It makes an exact copy of an entire database with all its objects. There is no need to stop the source database because XDM-DC is able to make consistent clones of a running system. It allows you to build a pre-production which then can be used as an acceptance environment, or as the source for other test data provisioning processes. Testers and developers receive the production data they need, on demand or via a scheduler, to carry out software tests under realistic conditions.

Table Copying / Cloning
XDM-TC copies complete tables. The user specifies the tables to be copied and instructs XDM how to integrate them into the target environment. XDM-TC then transfers the data as fast as possible using the most efficient copy method available to the database. No time consuming manual work for the implementation or provisioning of the data is required – it even checks the compatibility of the source and target structures. These features enable developers and testers to easily transfer the required mass data for their integration tests and stress tests to the appropriate environments.

Row Level Processing
XDM-RLP moves data at the row level. You choose a start table and start condition, such as a list of customer numbers or a zip code. XDM-RLP automatically follows all relations to parent and child tables based on RI constraints in the database catalog. Alternatively, information about the relationships between the tables can be supplied manually. The tool allows developers to easily specify and copy the test data they need without any further support from DBAs. XDM-RLP offers various ways to insert data into the target environment and provides you with the flexibility to overwrite, merge or add data as needed. It supplies developers and testers with exactly the data they need for designing and testing applications. Software tests can be carried out with realistic and relationally complete data.

Data Masking and Data Modification
The XDM Modification component allows you to mask personal data while copying and is available with TC and RLP. Data is masked before it is written into the target system. XDM Modification comes with standard methods to modify and mix data, but the user can also add new masking algorithms if desired. This component also has other uses besides masking. For example, you can change date and timestamp values in your data in order to simulate the results of overdue payments or exceeded expiration dates.

XDM Icebox makes backups of data and structures, and can later restore them into the original environment, or into any other environment on any database system. The backups are stored in files outside your database. The restore process automatically implements structures and data into the target without any additional manual work. Testers and developers can use Icebox to reset test environments back to their original state after running tests, or to switch between different schema versions when working on the next release of an in-house application. Icebox is available for the components TC and RLP.

In Summary

XDM is a faster, more efficient and manageable way to copy data. It intelligently generates and executes jobs so Test and QA get the data they need in a timely manner. Get the productivity of a "push button" process for ad-hoc, DevOps/Agile, or scheduler driven refreshes of data and environments. XDM makes data provisioning a simple and repeatable task.

  • Intelligent automation that avoids labor intensive and error prone manual work
  • On-Demand refresh of environments at benchmark setting speeds
  • Powerful Data Masking available as part of copy or in-place
  • ISPF and GUI interfaces
  • Copies directly, from imagecopies, via intermediate media, or TCP/IP.
  • Creates testbeds for release changes, upgrades and function level tests
  • Consistent Copies without stopping source for 24×7 environments

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